Viviens Story


Vivien is one of my most recent informants who came to me for help, she had been recommended to me by Rosemary, and seemed bemused by the ease by which her husband got away with grossly abusing her, mentally physically and sexually.

Not long after they were married, and she was far from home she was surprised to find her husband had brought another woman home and into their bedroom. She refused absolutely to engage in a Lesbian act, which her husband requested because he wanted to watch. But the cruelty towards her new baby affected her deeply, and she was so upset as she recounted her shock at her husband`s callous attitude. She was living many miles away from the RAF camp, with no public transport, her husband actively opposed taking her baby to the doctor when she was ill. The husband had the family car and refused to take the baby and her, stating that the RAF doctor should not be bothered with families, as he had the men to look after, consequently she had to make alternative arrangements. This attitude is rife within the military, relegating wives and children to the role of second class citizens, barely tolerated, but then only if they conform to the unwritten rules, which they must learn quickly or suffer the consequences which are varied and too numerous to list, except that they contain violence in one form or another. However, during the many years of unrelenting duty and moving house to earn him his high rank, one of the more serious incidents was while they were serving abroad she was shot at several times, almost certainly by her husband.

Then after all her efforts and sacrifices he divorced her to replace her with another wife. Her husband has since made at least one harmful attempt on her and their daughter`s life by spraying a noxious substance from a small aircraft while they were in their respective gardens, this treatment made them ill but fortunately they survived. He has also hounded her for years to sell their house, presumably so that the equity can be put into the settlement pot to be shared, but the reality is that he has all the pension and substantial gratuity payment intended for house purchase already, including Vivien`s half share, so I advised her to stay put and not even consider giving way to sell the house. The very late purchase of the house compared to the national average of civilian buyers means that the equity is comparably low, little enough reward for her loss of earning power, even though she is professionally qualified, the wasted years take their toll on the opportunity to sell one`s skills in the competitive market place.

While Vivien was on one of her visits to me she mentioned that at the time of Rosemary`s attempted suicide bid, she went to fetch the younger daughter from the place where she had been playing to take her home. The R C priest was present and was asked to call her, unfortunately he shouted at the top of his voice to the poor child that her Mummy had tried to commit suicide, to allow all the parents and children in the hall to hear what should have been confidential information. Consequently the C of E priest gains access to the house and sexually harasses the mother and tries it on with the young daughter, then the R C priest compounds the abuse by gross embarrassment, but there is no one to help officers wives so they are able to practise their vile behaviour with impunity.

Vivian also mentioned that on her visits to me she was shadowed by one police car, and at the county boundary there was a changeover to another police car, this was obviously a ploy to keep us isolated. When that did not have the desired effect an ambush was arranged, with a military truck staging a hit and run into her car.