Rita is a foreign born second wife, more mature and wise than the usual choice, and she told me that she had only been married a short time when she realised that the RAF made monsters of the officers. She insisted on keeping her job and avoided all attempts to be drawn into the demanding social life. When her husband returned from a `Jolly,` while meantime she had discovered their true meaning, she told her husband that she would kill him if he infected her with Aids.

One of the reasons that RAF wives are discouraged from signing on the list of a civilian doctor, even if one was available, is that when or if the husband contracts a VD and transmits it to his wife, they can both be treated within the service without the involvement of outside organisations.

While at RAF Abingdon there was an officer who actually brought a young German woman back from a `Jolly` with him, and he installed her in his married quarter, with his wife and children. As he was expecting promotion, he tried to keep it quiet, but when he was ordered to return her to Germany he did not get his promotion, however, he was not demoted either.

Another disillusioned wife of more than twenty years told me that she felt like "The British Whore," except that she did not get paid.