This is a copy of a letter sent to a BBC television programme presenter; no action has followed yet. It was passed to me to use as evidence of the inhumanity that is prevalent in the military, especially against females.

Dear Esther

I have often wanted to contact you but couldn`t find an address, regarding the 100`s (more like 1000s) of WAAFs in the Air Force and other Servicewomen who had illegitimate babies while on Service. We WAAFs had heard rumours of the pregnant about-to -be mothers being ill-treated in special homes and their babies being put up for adoption (without consent?) I had heard that in this way the parents of these young mothers would be unaware of their daughter’s disgrace. After the birth the young mother was re-admitted to the WAAF, Officially we were told nothing regarding illegitimate babies in the WAAF. Pregnant WAAFs just disappeared

I remember while stationed at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, I reported to the Medical Officer. I had changed my toilet soap to another make and had developed a rash under my armpits. On entering the waiting room-an aircraft hanger with benches all around- I was told to sit in the queue and unclothe the part of my body involved. It wasn`t so bad for me. I fiddled about under my jacket, removed my tie and shirt and draped my jacket over my shoulders. The queue consisted of airmen and airwomen in no particular order. I was glad it wasn`t my nether regions that were involved.

While in the queue I noticed a WAAF sitting apart on an empty bench. Perspiration was running down her face. Her legs were as far apart as her WAAF skirt would allow. It was completely unbuttoned because it would not fasten up over her very swollen stomach. She was definitely in labour in front of all these men and women. I felt very sorry for her and very, very angry. A wee soul was about to enter the world without a welcome. The M.O.and the nurses totally ignored her. It was wartime and R.A.F.Coningsby was in Bomber Command and very busy.

When it came to my turn I showed the M.O. my itch. He glanced at it, saying " When did you have your last period? And dismissed me. He was mentally and deliberately insulting me. If only I could have slapped his face. I have never forgotten the pregnant W.A.A.F.and have often wondered how other servicewomen were treated and what happens today. I wish I had that M.O.`s name and would wipe the floor with him now. He`s probably dead as he was older than me and that was over 50 years ago.

Perhaps you would like to do a programme on this.

Kind regards.

I have included this copy to underline the abuse that was prevalent over 50 years ago, as the victim states, and has grown in brutality and intensity ever since. But no one outside the Service knows, and what is worse if they did know, they neither care nor act to help these suffering victims.