Human Rights Abuses

MPs of every party and Members of the House of Lords are vociferous in their condemnation of other countries violations of Human Rights, yet ignore those in Britain.

The first duty of any Government is to ensure the safety of their citizens. I have appealed to many politicians of both Houses for help without success, they are content to allow military wives to suffer horrific crimes, for which we have no redress.

I would not recommend any woman to marry a military man, as even with the present day promise of half the pension and gratuity, Government promises are made to be broken by members of the Law Society.

Remember, for nearly thirty years our salary slip clearly stated that half the contributory pension belonged to the wife. That assurance counts for nothing in a closed Court of Divorce Law where the wife is prevented from speaking by the all male presence, many Court officials, including the older solicitors and Recorders are ex military officers. The husband tells the most terrible lies, one of which is that the wife has not worked since marriage to him, when the reality is that he owes his rank and salary to her efforts, plus, he has prevented her from earning.

Plenty more scams can and will be devised by members of the military and lawyers with time and money to collectively and secretly deprive wives of their due.

Present RAF wives and parents of potential future wives should not only be aware of the previous information but take note of the following facts which underline the state of mind of the men who issue these orders. Providence should be thanked that there are still some decent officers, with a conscience

as the following experience shows.

A new aircrew tutor was ordered to extract a promise from each of his prospective jet pilot pupils before they embarked on their extremely expensive training. The tutor, Squadron Leader Gordon Cassels was so incensed by the order that he declared that he was finished with the RAF. He gathered every item of his uniform and burnt it on a bonfire in his garden, then took an overdose of Valium. Consequently he was taken to a RAF hospital where it was alleged he was suffering from uncharacteristic behaviour

The ordered promise, which is the ultimate test of loyalty to the RAF is;-

"If it was necessary in the interest of the country, you are to bomb the married quarters containing your wives and children, without warning"

Apologies are due to the courageous officer, but I was compelled to name him for his unusual moral stance, otherwise there might possibly have been suspended belief. He deserves a medal, superseding the highest one yet awarded in war or peace. Congratulations!