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My name is Eileen North, and I am an ex-RAF wife.

I wish to warn all young women, and the parents of young women, of the dangers of getting married to RAF officers.

I regret to say attractive women are the usual target, and a definite bonus in the promotion stakes which is the overriding factor in a service officers life. Nothing else is as important, neither wife nor family, they are there to be used, often to destruction.



What they can do to You

Wives are treated as an add-on for their husbands careers.

Human Rights Abuses by the military

Rita finds the snags in an RAF marriage.

You won't even get a pension for your work

Organised prostitution in the Services

Medical care of armed forces wives

Individual Stories

Rosemary's Story

Eileen's Story

Vivien's Story

My Own Story

If you are in trouble as an RAF Wife, please contact me for support:

email: eileen.m.north{at}btinternet{dot}com

Facebook: Eileen North

Eileen North